Professional development portals and services

To facilitate mutual understanding with customers, it is necessary to determine the basic concepts, which include, inter alia, the concept of “web portal” or “Internet portal”. For most Internet users, a “web portal” is a website that has a branched structure. In fact, this term refers to a collection of sites with an extensive system of links leading both inside and outside the structure.

An integral feature of portals is the availability of a range of services, among which may be the following:

Search system;
The presence of a personal account;
The presence of a mailbox;
Service for placing orders;
The ability to compare offers, etc.
In connection with the foregoing, it can be argued that a modern web portal is a multifunctional complex of tools that can be available both for a certain closed circle of users and be publicly available. The functionality of the portal largely depends on how accurately the developer understood and implemented all the requirements of the customer. To obtain an efficiently working system, including sites and services, during the entire time of its creation, close cooperation is carried out between the customer and the developer, which consists in the exact formulation of tasks and the determination of their scope.

To facilitate mutual understanding, the developer uses prototypes or shows examples of already working portals that have different functional purposes – information, marketing, social, corporate. But the basis is nevertheless the careful work of the customer on the preparation of technical specifications, in which he must describe how he sees the working portal. Having competently, fully and accurately drawn up TK, developers quickly and efficiently carry out the whole complex of work on creating a structure, programming and tuning to get a convenient and functional portal.

Internet shops

Social networks


Landing Creation and promotional sites

Landing page is a creative task for professionals. Our “trick” is a unique and well-designed web design, where a piece of the soul will be invested. Web designers from scratch think through the structure of landing pages and promo sites and draw in Photoshop and Sketch.

Landing page development
And promotional sites
Advertising and selling goods and services on the Internet is not only a modern way of doing business, but also a very comfortable option for all parties: a service provider is a client, a seller is a buyer, a manufacturer is a supplier. Internet access provides the choice of the target audience: the consumer sees only the products that are of interest to him, and the seller or manufacturer of goods / services, thanks to a well-designed landing page, will be able to convey information as quickly as possible and receive a significant conversion, expressed in growing cash income.

The most popular in recent times has been the creation and development of a one-page site or landing page “landing page”, the main task of which is detailed information about the advertised product with a narrow theme. The landing page can also have navigation in the sections where goods or services are presented, and describes the methods of acquisition.

The development of the landing page and the promo costs on three pillars:

The goal is to correctly and clearly inform the visitor with the products offered, to interest and bring a potential buyer closer to the purchase;
The idea is to create a modern design for the presentation of a product or service that will help maximize all the strengths, describe the best qualities and show advantages over competitors;
Solution – web design should be stylized for a specific product, which will cause pleasant associations among customers, thereby positively affect your brand.
What is the landing page for?
And a promotional site
To understand what function the landing page performs, you can compare it with a shelf in a store, and this shelf represents only one product or service. An offer having such a presentation and form allows the visitor to concentrate on the product that is for sale.

Therefore, it is very important at the stage of compilation of TOR to determine the main task for which a one-page is created. Nevertheless, the success of the landing is determined not only by the precisely selected structure, content, design, but also information about the company, product / service received from the customer. Together, all the elements make the potential consumer not only stop, but also “get stuck” on the page in order to delve into the consideration of the proposal.

Landing Page Differences
From multi-page sites
A promo site differs from a regular site in its striking design, custom structure and concept, multimedia attachment, lots of photos, videos and possible musical accompaniment. Creation of promo sites is necessary for large promotions, discounts, news and events. And also as a familiarization with a new product or service.

Landing and promo sites differ from corporate sites in structure and navigation, where everything fits on one page with the allocation of thematic blocks. Landing and promo sites differ in ways of promotion. Corporate sites are suitable for SEO optimization in search engines, while promotional sites and landing are designed specifically for advertising, where visitors switch to landing in most cases from social networks, contextual advertising and mass e-mail newsletters.

Every day we create sites and applications that help develop the business of our customers
We build all our projects around a person: his experience, emotions and desires. We know who will use our interfaces, communicate with them, and are interested in their preferences and habits.

This is the only way to make products that are used by millions of people every day. It is for them that we are in awe of approaching every detail of our interfaces.

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