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Real Housewife | REAL Cooking: Nothing beats a steak dinner

  • Mar 19, 2019

I was born and raised a Montana boy, so it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone to find out that I am a big lover of beef. Living here in the Pacific Northwest I’m often given funny looks when I tell people that I don’t particularly care for the taste of seafood. But growing up in a land-locked state, I grew up eating beef for many of the meals.

When I moved away to go to college I soon realized how lucky I was growing up. My grandparents cattle ranchers, and because of that we always had beef in the deep freezer. When you get out into the world and have to go and buy steak or hamburger you realize how much it costs! Because of that, steak became a bit of a rare treat for me, and even to this day I treat it as that.

Nowadays, it’s a rare treat because my husband is a doctor…and he fills me full of the information on how “red meat isn’t good for you” and all that other stuff. But I also know that anything in moderation is okay. Michael also wasn’t a big fan of steak before he met me. He grew up in a household where red meat wasn’t the protein of choice. So he never learned to appreciate the taste of a good steak. But nothing makes me smile more than when he sits down and smiles at the steak on his plate! A man after my own heart! 🙂

During the summer I love to fire up the grill, throw on a few steaks and some potatoes. But during the winter, even as mild as ours are here in Edmonds, I don’t feel like standing out in the rain to grill. So I turned back to how I started making steaks when I lived in apartments…in the oven. Now don’t fall over when you read that! I know there are quite a few people that think the only way a steak can be done right is on the grill. But I hope to open your eyes to this way of making a wonderful steak.

Before I get into the recipe we need to talk about a couple of things. First things first…you can have a well done steak that isn’t a hockey puck. I promise! But you have to follow some basic rules to accomplish this.

1) Put the steak on the grill, or in the pan. And flip it ONCE! By doing this you create a nice sear on each side. So put it on the heat…walk away…come back and flip it…walk away.

2) Do NOT press down on the steak. When you do this you are pushing all of the juices out, and drying it out.

3) Let the steak rest for 10 to 15 minutes before slicing into it. This allows the juices to redistribute throughout the meat. If you cut a steak right after it comes off the heat, the juices will run out all over the plate.

Those are some pretty simple rules, right? Follow those, and you will not be disappointed. Granted, just as with anything else, you need to make sure you are cooking the steak for the correct amount of time. But I will get into that in the recipe. When it comes to good grilling steaks, I tend to lean more towards the New York Strip cut. This has a decent amount of fat, and is easier to manage. I also don’t like to get a steak that is over 1 inch thick. Thicker steaks are a bit more of a challenge to cook perfectly, so I leave that to the fancy restaurants! Are you ready for a steak dinner? Let’s get to it!

The REAL Housewife of Snohomish County’s Steak and Potato Dinner


– Steak – I prefer New York Strip. I shoot for about 1 inch thick.
– Kosher Salt
– Fresh Ground Black Pepper
– Yukon Gold Potatoes (figure about 2 potatoes per person, depending on their size)
– Olive Oil
– Shallot or Red Onion
– Red Wine (or Beef Stock)
– Butter
– Broccoli, or any vegetable you’d like as a side dish

~ The Recipe~

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Allow your steak to come to room temperature by taking it out of the fridge 1/2 hour to 45 minutes before cooking. You never want to throw cold meat onto a heat source; the meat will seize up and become tough.

How is that for a steak dinner? I love cooking steak, and in all honesty a steak should only need to be seasoned with some salt and pepper before cooking, and if cooked right it will be juicy and not require any sauces. I love to add a red wine reduction sauce to enhance the flavors, but you could leave it off and this steak would be just as good!

According to The Food Network, the following are the internal temperatures for the different degrees of doneness. **It’s important to note that the USDA suggest higher internal temperatures, so you can also look up their recommended internal temps.**

Rare – 125 degrees
Medium Rare – 130 – 135 degrees
Medium – 135 – 140 degrees
Medium Well – 140 – 150 degrees
Well Done – 155+ degrees

I hope that you try this recipe out! If you do, send me an e-mail snocohousewife@gmail.com letting me know!


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